Who was Ber Fuchs?

"This page is entirely dedicated to Ber Fuchs"

This website is dedicated to Ber "Benny" Fuchs or as he was called when he was born Ber Fuks (Yiddish name Beno). Ber was able to survive the horrors of the Nazis regime during World War II. After liberation and with the help of the Swedish Red Cross, Ber sent to Sweden, Trelleborg, July 20, 1945.

All information about Bers life during World War II and the time in Sweden are collected by Leon Fuchs (Son) and Christian Christoffersen (Grandson).

Purpose with this site

We live in a world where there are still prejudices against people's skin colour, religion or group of people. During World War II, Hitler and his National Socialist Party had an agenda, which was to eliminate or eradicate all Jews, Romans, Gay, dissidence or political opponents. He almost succeeded in eradicating all Europe's Jews. But that is history and we think we should have learned a lesson how it can end. But have we really? 2015 we had a large migration from the Middle East to Europe. Instead of taking responsibility together, we built walls of barbed wire and border controls through the EU complicating people to escape war, devastation and the possibility of seeking asylum. The world repeats the story of refugees who are not welcome anywhere. This was exactly what happened to the Jews just before and after World War II. Persecution against other cultures occurs most often because of fear but also ignorance. Persecution does not only happen in other parts of the world, but it is also found in Sweden or other western country. It is tangible and most relevant to those who are affected. For this reason, it is important that stories of the Holocaust be told so that we never forget. This website is just such a story.